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Devour Me


I'm a Betsey Johnson girl!
Betsey Johnson: You are where the punk world meets
the runway! Fun and funky and absolutely
unique in every expression of yourself! Rock

What fashion designer fits you
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Sort of torn, are you? Not quite sure of exactly
who you are or why you've adopted the Gothic
Lolita lifestyle? Or are you just an
intriguing creature of contradictions? I can't
figure you out.
Which Gothic Lolita Fashion House Is For You?!
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80's glam, aerosmith, alice in wonderland, all over me, amy lee, angelina jolie, ani difranco, anna sui, art, barbie, betsey johnson, bettie page, bjork, black, blondie, boots, burlesque, but i'm a cheerleader, candy, care bears, cartoons, charmbracelets, cherries, chiffon, chloe, chloe sevigny, chucks, clueless, collars, corsets, cotton candy, cyndi lauper, david bowie, debbie harry, dior, dita von teese, dollhouse, dolls, empire records, evanescence, eyeliner, fashion, fashion design, fetish, fetish clothes, foxfire, garbage, garters, geshias, gia, girl, girly, glam, glamour, glitter, gloves, go, gorillaz, gothic lolitas, gregg araki, guess, gwen stefani, handbags, hard candy, heatherette, hello kitty, hibiscus, horror movies, hot pink, imitation of christ, jamie hewlett, japanese street fashion, jawbreaker, jem, john galliano, karen o, kate spade, kittens, kittie, kitty collars, kittys, korn, l.a.m.b., lace, lingerie, lip service, lipgloss, lipstick, lolitas, lunch boxes, mac, madonna, makeup, mallrats, manson, marc jacobs, marilyn monroe, molly ringwald, nail polish, ninewest, no doubt, nowhere, oscar de la renta, parker posey, party girl, pearls, pencil skirts, petticoats, pink, pinups, pirates, platforms, playboy, pumps, purple, rainbow brite, rainbows, rampage, rockabilly, rocky horror, ruffle panties, satin, sex and the city, sex kitten, she-ra, shirley manson, shy violet, sixteen candals, sleater-kinney, smut, stars, stockings, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, style, tank girl, the bangles, the black eyed peas, the breakfast club, the donnas, urban decay, valentino, vintage hollywood glamour, welcome to the dollhouse, wonka, xoxo, yeah yeah yeahs